Hot Air Balloon Fishing with Jimmy Buffett

Classic SCTV with just John Candy. SCTV’s schtick, which they pulled off incredibly, was that everything you saw was a “show” on the “SCTV network” of a fictional town called “Melonville.” It was remarkably self-contained and I can’t think of a time they deviated from it. Saturday Night Live, in its worst years, tried to capitalize on SCTV’s brilliance by introducing otherwise OK skits with pretend TV theme songs, like “That’s Pat!” Really embarrassing.

When SCTV had a band on, they always forced them to play along with a skit and most of them did it well. (Hall and Oates were great as the egg-racing British track stars of “Chariots of Eggs.”) This skit is Jimmy Buffett and band appearing on “The Fishin’ Musician.”