Leonard in Slow Motion

I wanted to like this because it features Martin Starr (Bill Haverchuk from TV’s Freaks and Geeks) but it’s pretty slight. Mr. Starr doesn’t have a lot to do. The story is the Leonard (Starr) is a man who moves in slow motion in a normal-paced world. The real star isn’t Leonard but the process by which they are able to film him in slo-mo while everything else is normal. I’m guessing it’s done with mattes. It would be really fun to do a film like this where it was filmed at normal speed but everybody but “Leonard” did everything really fast. That’s how Michel Gondry would do it. 

There’s a little love interest, which is pretty much shown by having a cute woman in the film, and boss who says “Now Leonard, I know you like what’s-her-name.” The love interest drives Leonard to take a dangerous step to become a normal-speed person. That step and its aftermath is pretty much the whole film. Leonard In Slow Motion isn’t terrible, it’s just not much of anything. It feels like it was made to show off a technology. It does that pretty well but even that’s not too delightful.

Nevertheless, here it is.